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The Phoenix

Starring Alp Navruz and Ceren Yıldız, “The Phoenix” brings the emotional story of an impossible love to the audience.

The Pigeon

Zülüf is stuck in the middle of nowhere and waits for death in a blind well. She is seven floors under the ground like a gypsy girl. A young man rescued Zülüf from the well.

Who Has Taken You?

Together Zehra and her mother live and work with the Çamay family, which is one of the richest in Istanbul. Zehra is in love with Barış, the sole heir of the family she grew up with. They have many obstacles to their love.

The Second Chance

Deniz has everything a woman could want. However, her prosperous life is turned upside down one day when her husband disappears without a trace. He left Deniz helpless with her two children and her elderly father. The paths of Deniz and Mirat, who will be her true love and life partner, cross with a big surprise.

Have a Miracle

Lawyer Onur tells Damla that her grandfather is Azim Sancaktar, one of the richest people in the country, and that she wants to give him a new life.

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