Pastel Film's new generation manager, Efe İrvül, successfully carries the flag that he took over after his father, Yaşar İrvül. He also expresses his claim by saying, "I aim to be one of the leading and effective producers of the world". Pastel Film, which has brought many successful projects to the viewer until today, starts a new era within itself, especially with the content they produce for digital broadcasting platforms with innovative perspectives. Efe İrvül says, “My perspective as a young manager in the sector is innovative and brave” and talks about an impressive adaptation of the story these days. While they create new projects, they are in search of new names and new faces. İrvül said, “It may not be true to think on the basis of an actor. The right cast in the right project brings success. We also want to invest in new names that work with Pastel for many years and discover new faces.”

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